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WebBuilder is an offline Mac, Windows and Android web building software that enables users easily to build mobile-friendly sites like small/medium business and non-profit sites, resumes, landing pages, blog sites and promo-pages for events, goods and services.


Easy Web Builder is perfect suited for users who are not enough acquainted with webdesigner craft, precisely with code and programming language. It’s also useful for webdesigner who deal with small and fast website projects.


Web Page Builder is better than other site builders because of
* Simplicity and user-friendliness of its interface
* Mobile-friendly sites creation, latest pre-developed blocks
* Free for any thinkable purposes


Building sites with Drag and Drop Web Builder will take you just minutes. Choose pre-made blocks you like, drag them onto your page, edit content step by step and click on “Publish” – no special abilities needed.



Create completely responsive mobile-friendly pages that display perfectly on any devices, quite in any browser. Toggle between vision modes at the program top-center to view your website appearance on phones, tablets and computers.


Pages made with this software comply with Google Tests requirements, proving their absolute mobile-friendliness. Even Google is fond of sites generated by Web Page Software.


Free Web Page Maker produces pages that base on the most efficient mobile framework – Bootstrap 4. Now even though you’re new in web development, you can turn to a member of the growing Bootstrap community.


Enjoy the new fully flexible inbuilt blocks – hamburger and dropdown menu, bootstrap slider, video background, contact form, responsive gallery, twitter feed and more.


Easily publish or upload your site with Web Creator where you want without any additional uploading software – to hosting services like Amazon S3, Google Drive, or Github, to your local drive or via FTP to your hosting server.


The site menu block lets you create a simple menu bar or a dropdown menu with multiple submenu items that allow visitors comfortably to navigate to external link and within your site as well as one page.


Let your site viewers communicate upon your site and the topic of its content right on your website. Just use Facebook Comments block and the Facebook chat can begin once you site is live.


Change the search for your company into a child's play for your site audience – just add a Google Maps block and enter your location address.


Image sliders are an excellent way of showcasing your site content. Add a Sliders block, swap out the available pictures, adjust and change the buttons, titles and short descriptions of the slideshow, set autoplay and full screen mode.


Use an appealing responsive gallery equipped with stylish looking lightbox that turns into an eye-catching full image slideshow – add images, replace and edit captions, amend the background color with zero effort.


Set up a subscribe or contact form and get suggestions, questions, subscriptions and other relevant information from site guests – just insert your email address, no server adjustments needed.


Advance the social media communication by letting people subscribe to the channels and accounts of your company and share your webpage on various social networks– add media blocks with “Share this page” and “Follow us” buttons.


Animate your website with an overall background video that will provide it with an extraordinary look and fascinate quite everyone who experiences your website.


  • “Just to let you know that I think your software is a good piece of kit. I know it is early days in its development and there are bugs and many items on the wish list, but I much appreciated being able to update a website which needed to be made responsive as I did not have the coding knowledge. Thank you. I will watch developments with great interest!”

    PHIL H.
  • “Hello and thanks for a really cool piece of software. I love all the new features.

    I have recently created a new website for my company using your software. I’d like to thank you for saving me thousands in web design. Your software is so easy to use and creates a really great product its fantastic.

    By the way this is a great program and I am very happy I found it. It is also great you have added drop down menus. Hope you find my feedback helpful rather than just a complaint!"

    ADAM G.
  • “I'm really loving the free Web Page software and it's development and I commend you for your efforts. It is greatly appreciated among the design and develop community who would rather a less time consuming way to publish websites. Just wondering: how can you afford to offer and continue develop the best Web Builder at no charge? It is one of the most attractive and user-friendly responsive page builders I've found, and I can't believe you are giving it away for free! Thank you and I look forward to your future releases!”




Robert S.

It’s 2016, and the Internet feels like it’s been here forever already. However, the Internet at present is in a state of flux. Things have come a long way since the age of dial-up. In fact, things have come such a long way, that a staggering 50% of all Internet users now access their favorite websites and social media platforms, solely via mobile devices. 

The above being the case, are you and your business ready to step into the 21st century?

Why Responsiveness & Intuitive Web Design matters 

Businesses especially need to take note of the shift from traditional computer to mobile device based web browsing. Websites which work on one device and screen size, won’t after all, always necessarily work on another. 

Confused? Don’t be. It’s actually very easy for anyone anywhere to build an eye-catching, and completely cross-platform compatible website. Moreover, these are qualities which any startup business or entrepreneur needs to incorporate into their website now in order to maintain an edge over their competitors.

Easy Website Builder: One Stop Web design For Both Businesses & Individuals   

How to create a website free of cost? Don’t know where to start with professional web design? If so, Best Website Builder can help. First and foremost, HTML Page Builder is a completely free website design tool software, one which once downloaded and installed, will run on any Mac or Windows PC. From there on, building your own website and making it as intuitive as possible is as easy as 1,2,3. 

The key to HTML Page Builder’s intuitiveness lies in the minimalist design of the application itself. There’s no steep learning curve with Free Page Builder. In fact, there is hardly any learning curve at all. After a simple one click download and easy install, new users just like you are presented with a simple landing page (website front page design) which even the most novice computer user will quickly be able to start populating with eye-catching extra features.

WYSIWYG - Just Better & Easier  

Built around what is popularly referred to as a ‘what you see is what you get’ web page editor, Web Page Creator users see exactly what their website will look like when it is finished as they are editing it onscreen. What this means for non-web-savvy users, is that there is absolutely no coding involved.

Using Web Site Builder’s simple drag and drop tools to position different features, users don’t need to have to worry about breaking anything or them having to start all over again when something goes wrong. Your website is literally right there in front of you on your computer desktop. All you have to do is select what themes and features you would like to make available to your future website visitors. 

Want Even More Features? 

Do you want to create a truly premium quality website, just without the hassle of having to hire a dedicated design team? Well, as well as being ultimately easy to use, websites created using Free WebPage Creator benefit from all the same eye-catching effects and features which you’re used to seeing on your own favorite websites. 

From content sliders to parallax scrolling and dedicated video backgrounds, Webpage Maker provides an exhaustive library of extensions and add-on software blocks, ones which can help you create a truly masterful online web presence.

Why You Need Easy Webpage Maker    

Of course, we could go an and on about how great Webpage Maker is, but what about online responsiveness? 

When you finish your first website and make it available to the world on your server, you’ll probably want to show off a little. Moreover, so you should. You see, Website Maker websites are responsive from the word go. 

Remember what we talked about earlier? Well, with Page Builder, your website is guaranteed to work out of the box on everything from your smartphone to your traditional computer desktop. This is because Web Builder websites are what's called ‘bootstrapped.’ This means that they use an intuitive, industry standard software framework which will automatically scale and display your website properly on any Internet-enabled mobile device. 

The best part? Easy Webpage Builder Software is completely free. Free for businesses, free for individuals, free for everyone. In this case, if you're determined to self-promote yourself, upstage your competitors, or simply build your own business website, make sure to download Web Generator today. In fact, as far as we’re concerned, you’d be silly not to.   


Simon A.

From PC browsing to mobile screen, preferences and tastes of web viewers are changing day by day. On the other hand, objectives of a websites have also changed from simply being informative to take care of end-to-end business administration online now.

Technology and innovation are the major driving forces when it comes to developing the modern day sites and apps. There is an increasing popularity now for customized DIY web development platforms, both online and offline. Among these, Web Page Builder is a notable, feature-rich application to try.

Want to create your own website for free?

Web Builder is an offline app software built for Window and iOS platforms to create small to medium-sized websites, landing pages, portfolios, events etc. at best. Unlike many of its competitors demanding technical know-how of the developers, Easy Web Page Creator is the best program for the novice techies who are not familiar with the intricacies of web development.

From a technology layman’s point of view – 'Easy Web Page Creator is a user-friendly app for amateur designers to work perfectly without struggling with codes and the non-tech web developers to do quick prototyping of websites.' Advantages of this quick web development platform are:

  • User friendliness – Unlike other browser-based site builders, Easy Web Page Creator is an offline platform to be downloaded and installed to your computer for free. Offline building is much faster and flexible. Easy Web Page Creator also features an easy to use WYSIWYG builder, which enables simple drag and drop website creation
  • Features and flexibility - Web Page Builder is ideal for small-to-medium size websites and pages. It’s rich feature can be used to enhance the visual appeal of the web pages rather than brining in heavy functionality
  • Widget-based building – Non-tech developers can make use of the ready-to-use elements and blocks of Web Page Builder as forms, galleries, sliders, Google Map, social media buttons etc. Features like parallax scrolling and responsiveness can also be easily achieved
  • Support – Unlike other free web development platforms, Web Page Builder offers commendable support too with 20 video tutorials, many articles, and option to directly communicate with the Web Page Builder developers through mail and social media channels.

Features of Web Page Builder 

  1. Instant use blocks - The developers can choose from a large array of pre-built blocks featuring bootstrap carousel, full-screen intro, responsive image gallery, content slider, video backgrounds, parallax scrolling, sticky header, hamburger-type menu etc.
  2. Drag and drop building - Development time can be largely cut down with the easy to use drag and drop menu. Simply drop the blocks you want on your page and edit content, nothing technical involved.
  3. SEO - Web Page Builder building also ensures a leverage in Google ranking. As per the latest algorithm of Google, web pages must be mobile friendly to be ranked high. Web Page Builder ensures making of 100% mobile-friendly web pages.

A few best features also include:

  • Easy incorporation of forms without the need for server-side coding.
  • Customized image gallery with responsive grid and integrated lightbox.
  • Hamburger menu style for seamless mobile experience.
  • Easy integration of Google Map and social media buttons to ‘share page’ and ‘follow’.
  • Typography features with Google Fonts.
  • Video background to add life to your website.

What makes this simple Web Page Builder the best among the lot?

When compared to traditional website builders of its class, Web Page Builder has some specialties as:

  • It is fully free for commercial and nonprofit development with a lot of training materials and limited support available.
  • Advanced blocks and techniques to catch up with latest mobile-friendly design trends.
  • Easy to use interface with a drag and drop development approach.
  • Pre-built themes of Web Page Builder are made with Bootstrap3 and Bootstrap4 mobile-first framework. Use responsive bootstrap sliders to add text, images, buttons, autoplay, and full-screen settings.

There is no doubt that Web Page Builder is the best tool for those who are planning to develop a baseline web page or promotional site. However, a couple of cons also to be noted as it is not a hosted solution and there are also not much extensions available.


Web Page Builder is free for both personal and commercial use.

You can download and use Web Page Builder for your own or client's websites without restrictions. 


Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Don't forget to add the Web Page Builder and OS versions you use. Help